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ASMEA 2018

Speaking at 2018 ASMEA Conference, Washington, DC.

SPSA 2017

Southern Political Science Association 2017; New Orleans, Louisiana

ASMEA 2016

Q&A session at 2016 ASMEA Conference, Washington, DC.

ASMEA 2016

Speaking at 2016 ASMEA Conference, Washington, DC.

WPSA 2018

Presenting at Western Political Science Association, San Francisco, CA 2018

MPSA 2016

Presenting at MPSA 2016, Chicago, IL.

GLF, 2014

Moderating and hosting Bahçeşehir University's annual Global Leadership Forum, Istanbul, Turkey.

FPSA, 2016

Presenting at FPSA, 2016, Lakeland, FL.

TPSA, 2015

Photo with friends and colleagues at Turkish Political Science Association, Canakkale, Turkey.

TPSA, 2015

Presenting at the Turkish Political Science Association conference in Canakkale, Turkey.

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